Vegetarian food Delhi

The Sattvik Restaurant and the cuisines served, are a manifestation of the central philosophy which led to its creation…

Earthly tranquil interiors and soothing strains of instrumental  music; Sattvik at Select CITYWALK is a fine dining  vegetarian restaurant set apart by relaxing ambiance and delectable cuisine .

The restaurant embodies the sattvik spirit based on holistic oneness with the elements of the universe. Pure and wholesome, sattvik cuisine gives life, energy and balance….

In an epicure’s menu, the chef offers innovative recipes and authentic dishes from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Bangalore prepared with the ‘Sattvik’ touch .

Explore exotic lotus stem preparations, crunchy green apples tossed in a work and melt – in-the-mouth yoghurt cheese cakes. Our age old grandmother’s secret recipe of Guncha ki kadai made with sun dried cauliflower would make any connoisseur proud.

Relish Sattvik dal simmered with beatle nut leaves and smoked to perfection;  try our Baltic dal, paired with Moong dal ki vadi.

Not to miss our selection of Indian breads and homemade ice creams.

Our Paan flavored ice cream is a must to eat home preparation…

Preparation without onion and garlic are available on request .

Culinary secrets, delicious inventiveness and special fragrances make the experience at Sattvik truly divine and satisfying….