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Main Course

Paneer Jaisalmeri
Pinwheels of cottage cheese stuffed with peas and served with tangy gravy

Stuffed pockets of home-made cheese stewed in special herbal gravy

Home-made cheese grilled on a charcoal grill and tossed in the chef’s special gravy

Paneer Methi Malai
Charcoal grilled home made cheese infused in fresh fenugreek simmered gravy

Crisp sun-dried cauliflower florets with capsicum and ginger cooked in the chef’s special gravy

Nadru kae Gullar
Tossed with baby pickled onions and cherry tomatoes

Kathal aur Mirch ka Salan (seasonal)
Jackfruit spiced with jaipuri mirch in traditional balti cooking

Kholapur kae Chatpattae Subz
Melange of crispy vegetables spiced with kholapur masala

Char-grilled Bhuttae ka Bartha
Char grilled sweet American corn cooked in masalas and cream

Makhmali Kofta with Zaffrani Gravy
Dumplings of curd cheese served in Spanish saffron infused gravy

Diwani Handi
Seasonal vegetables – Broccoli, cauliflower, beans, carrots, potatoes and babycorn, simmered in a spicy coriander gravy

Kadai Hari Subji
Crunchy green apple, spring onions, cucumber, French beans, snow peas, fenugreek leaves and mint leaves tossed in the wok with freshly pounded red and black pepper and seasoned with of rock salt

Subz Panchrattani
Baby corn, mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini and new potatoes tossed in the kadai with invigorating masalas

Khumb Matar Hara Piaz
Baby mushrooms paired with fresh peas and tossed with scallions

Baltic Palak with Baby Corn and Mushrroms
Humble spinach leaves cooked with mustard oil, onions and paired with mushroom and babycorn

Bhindi Piri-Piri
Split okra marinated and cooked with onions and piri-piri masala

Dum ka Matar
Fresh green peas dum cooked to perfection

Kasundi, Adrak aur Hari Mirch kae Aloo
New potatoes cooked with grainy mustard and tossed with jalapenos and ginger

Bharwan Aloo Kashmiri
Stuffed potatoes paired with nuts and stewed in tomato yakhni

Hing aur Dhaniye ke Chatpate Aloo
Tangy baby potatoes flavoured with asafoetida and tossed with cilantro

Kabuli Chana
Chickpeas in its own very traditional touch of Punjab

The ‘satvik dal’ is a rich variation of the traditional arhar dal with pan leave
and smoked to give that traditional taste as was served in a royal dastarkhan

Dum ki Bani Dal
Black lentils, with aromatic herbs and spices, cooked on glowing embers of
charcoal with the richness of tomato and cream

Yukta Aahaar
A complete meal with a tandoori snack, paneer, vegetables, dal, rice, an Indian bread and Ice cream of your choice